Main Hall

We are located at the corner of Latah and Cassia.

3820 Cassia Street, Boise, Idaho 83705

(208) 336-1710

The Alano Club of Boise is a member-owned and operated, nonprofit corporation founded in 1991.

The Club operates a clean and sober gathering place. The Alano Club is a safe environment where Alcoholics Anonymous and Alanon recovery groups meet.

The distinction between the recovery groups that meet at the Club and the Club itself is very important. The groups are entities unto themselves. The groups are not part of the foundation; they "rent" space in the building.

The Club also supports other recovery activities by:

  • Providing meeting space for recovery service committees.
  • Maintaining a conducive environment for one-on-one recovery discussions.
  • Being a safe haven from the outside world of drugs and alcohol.
  • Supporting social activities to experience and enhance the enjoyment of recovery.
  • Providing a place to make friends and find associates who are walking the path of recovery.

The Alano Club of Boise is financed by:

  • "Rent" paid by recovery groups ( a portion of money voluntarily dropped into a basket at meeting)
  • Membership dues.
  • Proceeds from "fund raisers" and other social activities.
  • Proceeds form the coffee shop.
  • Donations.

email: manager@alanoclubofboise.com

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